RA Flareup Caught on Tape

If you are an RA warrior or caretaker, moaning and groaning is likely a common sound in your home.  I thought it would be a good idea to share this reality with the rest of the world in order to help spark awareness of the true hell RA sufferers go through on a day to day basis.  So, a while back, I asked Tamikka if it would be okay if I recorded some of the sounds she makes when she is in pain, which she consented to.

A short time later, I captured a recording of a really bad flareup.  Not long after, a friend of hers sent a bottle of CBD oil – a legal and natural supplement derived from the Cannabis plant.  Her RA pain has been reduced dramatically since she’s been taking it, and she hasn’t experienced a flareup this bad since she’s been taking it.

Around the same time, we came across a program called CTFO.  CTFO is a distributor of high potency CBD oil.  With our new found success with CBD oil, we decided to join their associate program to help get this product in to the hands of RA warriors.  You can learn more about CBD oil by visiting our associates page.

If you are interested in becoming a CTFO independent associate, click here to watch the business presentation.

Tamikka & Michelle

Tamikka Brown-Green is an RA survivor, and her wife Michelle is one of her biggest supporters. As co-founders, they are on a mission to discover and share survival tactics for living and enjoying life with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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